Keep slide layer always on top once accessed


I need help to discover how to keep some of the slide layers always on top once the learner has accessed them. I have a customized navigation barcreated on the slide that shows a customized menu slide layer, some help and settings info. I need to somehow keep some of the layers on the slide visible when the learner clicks on the buttons from he nav bar. 

I am using the Update 4 version of Storyline. 

Any ideas of how to do this? 



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Andreea Neacsu

Hello !

Thank you for your prompt response.

The main issue I am having is related tothe layers that the navigation bar triggers. For example, I have a Subtitlesbutton on all screens that always triggers a layer where the learner can seethe script of the audio. The problem is, that when he/she clicks on thecaptions, the layer I am currently viewing and I disappears (which makes sensebecause I had just triggered another layer). This also happens with thecustomized Menu button, Settings and Help, that each trigger other layers andthat I have on all slides.

So I actually need to figure out how tokeep some layers active at all times after the user accessed them, as I do notwant them to be accessible from the beginning.

Any help would be welcome.

Thank you!

Allison Nederveld

Hi Andreea,

I am not sure there is a way to do that. You can uncheck the "Hide other slide layers" button in the layer settings, but this will not fix your issue if you want some layers to be hidden and some to show. (see image)

However, you can use states to work around it.

For example, for your subtitle button, create a "Selected" state.  For this state, add in the content you need to stay up. 

I made a quick example, attached. 

Alternatively, you could build the menu, help, etc. into each layer where you want it to show.

Hope this helps!

Matthew Paquette

Aware that this is an old post but we just came across this same issue, since our script box is a mass of objects (frame, text background, scroll box, headphone graphic, title, variable textbox), we coudlnt easily switch to using states, instead we need to add two triggers to each additional slide layer we open, one that hides the script, and a second that re-opens it, if the script is meant to be enabled. The first trigger is not needed if the slide layer in question is using "hide other slide layers", since it will happen anyways.

I've put in a feature request for a z-order or an "always on top" option for slide layers, I would think at the very least slide master slide layers should always be on top, and not hidden when other slide layers (from content slides) are shown, but this is not how they function.

Walton Stanley

Yes. I am having the same issue and am using the same solution as Matthew (i.e., a trigger that hides the Captions layer and then reopens it), however, when my Captions layer text changes state, it goes back to being hidden behind my pop-up layer. I cannot find a trigger that can re-hide and re-open the Captions layer based upon the state of the Text Box on the Captions layer. I have tried triggering on a change variable, and, I suppose, could hide the Captions layer, but then what could be used to reopen it (on top)?

Another feature request for all of the triggers might be having an option to delay the trigger for a unit of time. That way one could set a trigger to do something at a cue point or time and a second one to use the same cue plus 2 seconds to do something else. It is a feature in Lectora that is pretty handy sometimes. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Walton for reaching out here and sharing some other ideas. We haven't change the layer order in Storyline 3 or Storyline 360 - but we have added closed captions as a feature! You may want to take a look at the trial. If it's a feature you'd need our team is happy to talk to you about upgrade pricing and loyalty discounts for existing Storyline 2 license holders.