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Walt Hamilton

I haven't had any luck with that, but this may help speed things up a little.

Create a text box that you con copy to each new slide, and erase when you are done. In it put one line of superscript text and one line of subscript. The font face doesn't matter.

When you have finished creating the text on the slide, put the cursor in the text of the superscript. Double click the format painter. Go around the slide and highlight everything on the slide you want in superscript. Repeat for subscript.

Leslie McKerchie

Hmmm - I use Chrome as well and I am not seeing an issue. I'll keep my ears open. You could slip in your feature request by e-mailing support@articulate.com as well. I'd just put feature request in the subject line so that it can be routed appropriately. I'd just hate for you not to be able to share. Thanks for the feedback Daniel.