Keeping changed state between layers

Aug 30, 2013

In the atteched example (a modified storyline template) I have designed it so that the close X appears when its state is changed.

This is controlled by a variable being updated which is triggered when all the layers have been visited.

This seems to work first time through, but is reset to hidden on the other layers when you return to another layer. I have tried the other "Revisits" options on the Layer Properties, but that causes the radio buttons to misbehave.

Any suggestions?


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Kevin Thorn

Hi Stanton,

I took a look at your .story file but I'm having a brain cramp trying to figure out what's not working based on your description.

When I preview the splash screen appears and the small lettered shapes on the right are in Normal state (red outline). When I click the "Idea Creation" button the Purpose layer appears. Then each layer respectively appears if I choose Responsible, Approver, and Contents (x2).  

What exactly are you referring to that is reset to hidden and not working the second time through?

stanton mackellar

Thanks for looking Kevin.

  • If you click on the  Approver, Responsible, and 2 Contents pages, you wlil have seen all 5 slides (Purpose was the landing page). This triggers the state change for the X to be visible.
  • The X exists on all pages, so regardless of the order you take, the X will appear when all 5 slides have been seen.
  • This works.
  • But, when you click away from the slide where the X appeared, the X dissapears, despite the conditions for its state to be visible being true. Thisis the behavious that is confusing me. I would expect that once the X is triggered on anywhere, it would stay on forever.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stanton! I must have been looking at your file when you sent that message for an update. I've looked at your file and I think I still don't understand what you 'expect' to see. Can you provide a screenshot showing where you think a 'missing x' should be? I think that may help me, personally.

What I'm seeing looks ideal. Click through all of the content, and an 'X' appears on the Content slide 2/2. Up until that point, I've not needed an 'X'. If I re-start the content, same behavior. Are you saying you want that 'X' there through all of your slides?

Sorry for not understanding.

stanton mackellar

 Yes. That is exactly it. I want the learner to see the X on second pass after all 5 slides have been seen at least once  so that if a learner navigates away from the last page or revisit after closing they are not forced to look again at every slide/layer before they can close and continue.

Based upon the condition for the ‘X’ when the variable is triggered it should change state to normal. The tokens in the background to the right are all green, which triggers the variable.

Does this help?

stanton mackellar

OK - I know everyone was hard at it trying to figure out a solution to this conundrum. You can relax now. While I didn't figure out why my preferred method of achieving this effect did not work, I was able to replicate it using duplicate layers in which the 'X' to close was visible. I then set up 2 triggers for each radio button; if the variable indicating 'all sections had been viewed' was true, they went to the new layer with the visible 'X'. If the variable was not true, they will get the layer where the 'X' is not visible.

It is certainly not optimal this way as I will need to have duplicate triggers and duplicate layers for up to four sections per module and there are 7 modules. But if this is the only way, then I am happy I at least have a solution.

However, if anyone does find a solution to this, (other than not restricting 'X' to close) let me know, because you'll be saving me hours.

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