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Emily Ruby

Hello Thomas,

I tested some slides with lightboxes added, and you can set those slides to trigger other slides, however if you want a common button to stay on each slide, you may need to add it to every one.

It may be easier to assist if you could post you file for the community to look at and give suggestions on your set up.

You can add it using the paperclip icon.

Thomas Bode

Here is what I found:

Create the following three scenes.

Normal 0 false false false oNotPromoteQF /> EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ontGrowAutofit />

Project [1.1 Top Menu]

Lightbox 2.1Menu Nonavigation controls in Button trigger wizard

Slide NavigationControls [x] Prev [x] Next

Player Defaults

Reference [2.1 Menu]

Lightbox 3.1 Item No navigation controls in Button triggerwizard

Slide NavigationControls [x] Prev [x] Next

Player Defaults

Details [3.1 Item]

Slide NavigationControls [x] Prev [x] Next

Player Defaults

Preview project results.

Click on button on main menu screen, referencelightbox screen appears.

Click button on reference screen, detail screenappears.

Click on red x to close detail screen, project menuscreen appears.

Now edit button trigger on main screen to add the navigationcontrols. When project is previewed, reference menu lightbox now has previousand next buttons. When the reference button is clicked, the detail itemlightbox appears, and when closed the reference menu lightbox reappears.

The previous and next buttons on the reference lightboxslide can be removed in the slide settings, however the navigation bar areastill appears.

This may help others.