Keeping layers visible?

Hi there! I'm new to Storyline and being launched into it headfirst for some serious projects. I feel like I'm picking things up pretty quickly, but I'm facing an issue I don't know how to conquer.

There's a table on one slide and users need to click cells in the table. When they click certain cells, a check mark should appear. I've gotten the check marks all set up, one per layer. My problem is I need them to stay put once they are selected. If I click another cell, the new check mark appears, and the previously selected one disappears. How can I make it so the layers stay put after they are clicked?

Many thanks in advance!


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Sarah Newman

If I'm not mistaken, the effect you're going for might be better achieved with states rather than layers. There are easy-to-use settings for a Visited state that sounds like exactly what you're trying to build with layers. Here's a quick tutorial on how to use states:

Hope that helps!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there, Shelby. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

If the check marks are being displayed on layers, it's possible they're being hidden when the next layer is opened. 

To change this option, click on the cogwheel icon in the layers panel, this will open the "Slide Layer Properties". Try disabling the option to "Hide other slide layers":

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Shelby Hays

Hi! I have a follow-up question to this one. Same slide, different issue. My client would like it so the user cannot advance to the next slide until every correct cell in the table has been clicked. I am trying to figure out a way to make the Next button disabled until such time as the activity has been completed. Any ideas? I thought of maybe associating a state change with the clicking of the last cell in the table, but there's no guarantee that they won't click that cell at any point, not just at the end.

Mike Enders


This is where evaluating states comes in handy! 

Basically, you set up a trigger that says jump to next slide if the state of X and the state of Y and the state of Z are all (your criteria here).  To give the learner a visual hint, I'd set up another layer that is fired if they hit the next button, but the states do not match your criteria.

 I've attached an example...


Lisa Lacombe

X-Posted at 

(Storyline 3)

  1. I started out with a simple extra layer with grouped objects, properties Hide other slide layers unchecked), which didn't show in preview (slide, scene, or project).
  2. I then, after reading about some quirks with grouping and layers, ungrouped and moved to top of timeline, and still didn't show.  I've created a trigger to show when the timeline starts.)  
  3. I finally about gave up trying to use layers, so the original slide with target is now all on base layer, but I can't give up, so created another project with test slide with 2 extra layers--each one with a character to be triggered by timeline starting.  And they won't show.

  4. Please don't make me revert to Captivate, which I thought was more complex, but...
Walt Hamilton

I don't have SL3, so can't look at your story, but be sure that the triggers to show the layers when timeline starts are attached to the timeline of the slide, and not something else.

Also, the description makes it seem as if the characters are set to show when the timeline starts, but you must use a trigger to show the layers. If the layers don't show, the objects on them can't be seen.

Walt Hamilton


Thanks for the picture, it clears things up for me.

The Layer 1 - Female layer isn't shown because the trigger to show it is attached to the layer, and it has no ability to show itself:

  (Note that this trigger to show the layer is on the layer and not the slide.) The trigger to show the layer will only fire when the timeline on the layer starts, and the timeline on the layer will only start when the layer is shown, and ... etc.

Go to the base layer, and attach the trigger to show the layer to the timeline of the slide, so when the slide timeline starts, it will show the layer:


LaVon Bowman

I have a large number of videos to package SCORM compliant. I did ask this question online but have received no response yet.  Our LMS is Cornerstone and I am using Storyline 360. I have 3 criteria that this course should have after publishing. It needs to pass CSOD Pilot. It must save progress so the user can go back and start where they left off. The Exit button must close the course. I have submitted a ticket to support but that response did not help. Now I am attempting a work around of sorts but I still need help. Please look at this file and help me. I need the button layer on the first slide to be visible and clickable when the user wants to ext and save the progress. I am attaching my file.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey LaVon,

Thanks for letting us know that you've reached out to support. I see that Robert was able to share some information with you and a forum thread.

Looks like Phil has been helping you out on your forum thread here as well, so I'm glad that the community is able to help you out with your design needs. 

LaVon Bowman

Support was not able to help me. They referred me to another online post. This file is perhaps my last attempt at a workaround. I cannot think of anything else to try. I need to be able to resume the video where It left off not to restart from the beginning each time. Maybe there is no answer.

Thank you for the follow-up.

Leslie McKerchie

Ah, thank you for clarifying.

You can resume a course, yes. When that slide is a video, there is no way to 'guarantee' that they will resume the video where they left off and different browsers handle this differently as well.

Looks like Robert was sharing a possible solution that another user was able to utilize here.

There is not a setting within our software for this, so seeking the community for ideas and solutions is what is needed for your design.

Tony Vinciguerra

How can I just have the last slide layer showing when I return to the base layer?

I have a base layer, and 4 additional slide layers.  After I go through the 4 slide layers, I'd like to return to the base layer to active the 'next slide' function, but retain the information from the last slide layer on the screen.  Is this possible?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tony and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to create. Without seeing your file, my first thought is to be sure that:

  1. There is not a trigger to hide the 4th layer
  2. Slide properties are set to resume saved state.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.