Keeping Learners from Advancing slides when using multiple layers

Apr 14, 2014


I have a course that I'm building with the default buttons on the player.  The client does not want customized buttons.  So slides have up to three layers on them.  They move to the next layer with a button trigger.  I want to keep learners from moving to the next slide before they have viewed all the layers.  

I have been trying to do true/false variables and then triggers tied to the button, but it's not preventing learners from advancing.  

Advice, please?!

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Monique Donahue

Hi Kaylea,

You can do this using variable or states, depending on how the layers are launched.

If you are launching layers through clickable objects, the easier way is using states. Just add conditions to your Next button trigger to check for the state of each object on the screen that users must click. You will need to add a condition for each object in the Next button trigger to check that its state = "visited". Make sure to use AND (instead of OR) for each condition on the trigger since you want them all to be true in order to advance.

If you are using hotspots rather than objects to launch the layers, you will have to stick with variables since hotspots don't have states. I would check to make sure that your T/F variables (a separate one for each layer) are defaulted to False. Then on each layer add a trigger when the layer timeline starts to change the variable for that corresponding layer to True.

Then, just like the first example, set conditions on your Next trigger to check that each of the T/F variables = True.

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