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Mick Irvin Garcia

Hi Ken,

If I understood you correctly, you want to keep the sidebar permanently open and refrain from having the modern player from collapsing it, correct? It appears the modern player does not have the option of permanently locking the sidebar similar to the Old Player.

You can revert to the old player anyway and you will not see the feature collapse the sidebar.

Let me know if this fits your needs. if not, you can check some other tips to customizing the menu bar here.




Meagan Griffin

Honestly, on this end, it seems to be working...  When I posted earlier, it was in response to a comment from my client.  I read the comment, then I came here to the forum instead of testing it myself first (whoops!)

I've asked my client to elaborate more on what they are seeing vs. what they are hoping to see.  But, when I look in Review 360, I click the notes tab to open it up and I move between slides without it closing.  This is in the Modern Player. 

I'm waiting to hear more.