Keeping slide properties intact when moving into Question Bank

I hope this is a fairly easy question. I haven't found an answer after searching the community or reading the "Submitting Answers All at Once" article.

I have a few hundred questions in Storyline 2 scene but not yet in a question bank. As I want the questions to be drawn randomly and submitted all at once at the end of the quiz, I'm changing the Slide Properties to use the Next button instead of Submit. (It's a practice exam, so it's not important if they answer all the questions and the scores are not recorded anywhere.)

My question is, Will these slide properties be retained when I move the questions into a question bank? My understanding from the article is that changing the slide properties for all slides in scene can be accomplished in few clicks (which I've done), whereas changing them once they are in a question bank must be done one slide at a time (which I don't want to do). I just want to know in advance if the question bank removes the properties I've designated. Thanks.

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Kendra Kernen

Thanks Leslie! I didn't mean for you to have to create something just for me. Sorry for the trouble; I thought someone could just say Yes or No. But I really appreciate the effort and the answer. 

I'm posting a separate thank you because I want to make sure it's accessible to everyone else in the community.