Keeping variable states when using previous button

In Storyline 2, if I have a slide that sets the variable to true after I've visited it, if i DON'T MOVE to the next slide, but click Previous, how can I keep that variable true (because I'm on the previous slide, the subsequent one will have the variable as false)?

For example, slide 5 has the T/F variable, wherein the Next/Prev player buttons appear when that variable is T. All good, but if I clicked Prev to get to slide 4, that wipes out the T setting for the variable since the system thinks I haven't visited it yet. The Next/Prev buttons disappear and I cannot move off that slide. I mean, if I randomly click it, the slide turns back to T and I see the Next/Prev buttons, but is there a way to trick the system into keeping that variable T even if I go backwards?

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