Keeps crashing every time I try to insert new slide

Aug 12, 2014

As the subject suggests, the program keeps crashing every time I go to create a new slide. I can't put it any clearer than that. Please help. (I've reinstalled, restarted computer, repaired installation... nothing works... still crashing)

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Harri S

Hi Ros,

Have you tried importing the project into a completely new Storyline file. It might eb that the file itself has become corrupt and is causing the crash rather than the programme being the issue.

If that doesn't help you could submit a support case.

Oh and as always.... ensure you're working on a local drive rather than a shared network drive as sometimes this can cause unstable behaviour.

Hope this helps

Ros McNamee

Im working on a local hard drive. I am creating a new slide on a brand new project (just for a test) and it still crashes. Ive submitted an error report but I dont know if that will help. I guess I've to write up a support ticket. Very annoying, basically setting me back a whole day of work trying to figure this out. :'(

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