SL360 key press trigger issues

Hi, I am just trying converting an SL2 course to 360 and testing for accessibility and tab functionality. With SL2 with certain interactions I would often have a layer labelled accessibility which would be triggered by (user presses a key) pressing of the tab key. This no longer works and the layer no longer opens when tabbing from a previous page. However when I exit the course and then resume, the tab button opens the accessibility layer and tabs through as normal. Out of interest I have tried a different key entry trigger and this doesn't work either. 

I have sent a support case but was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

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Susan Olson

Hello Alyssa!
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I do have the latest version of 360 installed.
The key press only works when I preview an individual slide, not entire project, scene or on Articulate review. UNLESS, I click anywhere on the slide first then it works, but I must click the side first.

Here are my slide triggers (note, I don’t have player triggers at all, it didn’t work with or without them):

My Object is the slide itself:

Let me know what else I can provide for troubleshooting.


Alyssa Gomez

Thanks, Susan!

I'm seeing some inconsistencies in your triggers.

  • One screenshot shows that the user will jump to the next slide when the user presses the D key.
  • The other screenshot shows that the Wrongo layer will appear when the user presses the D key.

Are both of those triggers on the same slide? If you don't mind sharing a sample of your Storyline file with me, that would be really helpful!

Susan Olson

Hello Alyssa,

I'm creating an interaction where the user needs to determine if the statement that displays for them is categorized as a "D" (drawings) or "S" (specifications).  One slide has key press trigger for S and if they press D the "wrongo" layer appears (red X) and then they press the S to move on to the next slide.  The next slide they need to press "D" to move on and if "S" is pressed the "wrongo" layer displays and then they should press D to continue on.  It works when previewing an individual slide, but not when previewing scene, project, or published...UNLESS you click anywhere on the screen before pressing the key.  I created an interaction just like this in SL2 but when I open the SL2 file now it converts to 360 and doesn't work.  The SL2 file was published and still active on our server so I can still see the final result working.   I've uploaded my 360 example.  Let me know if you need/want to look at the SL2 file as well.  Thanks again for all your help!!! 

Crystal Horn

Hi Susan.  I'm seeing that the focus for the first "keypress" slide (S) doesn't appear to be on the slide after using the Next button.  I noticed that if I either eliminated the first slide, or added a button to the first slide to jump to the next slide, the keypress trigger immediately works for the S slide.

This suggests that the player Next button is keeping the focus on the player for the next slide.  You're right, too, that it works differently in Storyline 2. 

I'm investigating this behavior, and I'll keep you in the loop!  In the meantime, can you use another trigger to jump to the "keypress" slides without having the user click on the player's Next button?  Let me know if that works in your actual production file.  


Jason Kramer


Certain key press triggers are not working with the latest 360 build. I haven't checked them all, but see the attached for an example.

The trigger is straightforward. It is a on a layer, and when you are on that layer and you use that key press it does not adjust the variable.

Any thoughts? Thanks!




Crystal Horn

Hi there Jason.  We still have an open issue where keypress triggers weren't working until you tab or click onto the slide. 

  • How does that layer open?  Do you click on something on the base layer to display the layer with the keypress trigger?
  • Also, is there any difference in functionality of that trigger if you click or tab on the layer before pressing the key?

If you want to share your .story file, that might be the best way for us to understand what's happening in your project!

Bobby Kline

Has this been fixed yet? My keypress functions do not work still if the user loses focus of the slide - if the user uses the Menu to select which slide they want, they then HAVE to click or tab into the slide to regain focus and get the keypress functions to work. Anyway to assign a key press to the menu? 

Bobby Kline

Right- I can assign a keypress function to goto slides - but if the User chooses the menu for any direct goto slide, the keypress function wont work again until the user clicks onto the actual slide - meaning that Users that arent using the mouse get a broken interaction feature until the User fixes it by clicking onto the slide. Is there an issue for this created? Will there be any triggers available for the Menu such as keypress functions?

Alyssa Gomez

That's right, Bobby. The learner would have to tab back to the slide after selecting an option in the Player menu. There aren't any triggers available for the menu keypress functions. However, I’m happy to pass your thoughts on to our product team. You can also detail them more through a feature request.

Sean Sanders

Just wanted to throw my hat into the ring: we just ran into this exact issue with the HTML 5 player. Slide 1 having a key press to jump to Slide 2 works. However, having a user click the "next" button on the course player on Slide 2, to jump to Slide 3, would not work, unless you first clicked inside the player and then pressed the appropriate key (or used to the tab key to tab through everything first).

The work-around posted above, about adding a custom continue button on Slide 2 instead of directing users to click the "next" button on the course player, works.

It's a shame we can't stay consistent throughout our course with the course player navigation mixed with key presses. Really hope there is a fix for this issue in the near future.