Key words in quizzes

I am making a critical thinking exam.  Answers may vary.  Can Storyline detect key words in the answer the user writes?  If so, how can I add the key words?

For example:

I write:

"Write a sentence using the present perfect continuous of the action verb sing. Use third person singular."

(Blank for user to answer).

The answer has to have to words he, she, it has been singing,  but the rest of the words can b any in the dictionary that can complete an idea.  As long as they use the above words together as they are, it should be marked correct.  If the answer is missing one of the verbs, then it must be marked incorrect. 

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Michael Hinze

This may not work for you, but one option would be to use a JavaScript to check a Storyline variable for keywords. See this example here. As long as your text entry includes "good", "great", "creative", "awesome"  or "interesting" somewhere in the entry, you get one type of feedback. Otherwise, you get negative feedback.