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Jopney Lein Sotomayor

Hi Onoda,

This tutorial confirms that "You can't customize the tab order of player navigation elements, but you can skip them when you're tabbing through a slide with a screen reader."

I am certain that this feature will be helpful to you so feel free to drop a product feature request here!



Onoda Sakamichi

Thank you for your reply.

My customer has requested keyboard navigation—but not for accessibility purposes—and for the audio to play only when the user selects the play button on the seekbar.

What I wanted to do was have the seekbar as the first item highlighted when pressing the TAB key and subsequent presses would navigate through the slide content.

If the seekbar was not a requirement, this would be simple.

Jopney Lein Sotomayor

Hi Onoda,

Unfortunately, the only way to control the behaviour of the tab key is through the 'tab order' option I mentioned in my comment above. 

A basic workaround, if your client permits, is to put an object within your slide that will queue the audio once selected. Since this object is within the slide, you can now set it as #1 in the tab order.

Your requirement is interesting so let's keep this open. There are a lot of heroes in this community and let's hope someone will share the magic.

Good luck on your project!

- Jop