Keyboard Shortcut Help

I would like to give points to users who use keyboard shortcuts in the software simulation I'm developing (Ctrl+N, etc). This works if I publish to CD, but how do I track scores that way?  Email? If I publish to LMS, Ctrl+N opens a new browser window.

Anyone come up with a good workaround? I'd love your thoughts on this, thanks!


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Peter Anderson

Hi Dave, 

Yeah, as you've noted, the parent application (web browser) will always receive the keystroke, which is why CTRL + N opens a new window, CTRL + T opens a new tab, etc. That can't be changed at this time.  

And unfortunately, there's no supported method for tracking results for a CD-published course, as email has proven to be too unreliable. Hopefully, other community members will be able to chime in with some creative workarounds for you. 

Best of luck!

Pam Schaw

I tried to do a java script workaround to block the web browser from seeing the F-keys in my simulations but couldn't get it to work.  My old simulation software was Datango and it was able to handle shortcuts and f-keys.  I tried digging into the produced Datango files to see if I could find the code that kept the browser from hijacking me but couldn't find it.  I finally gave up on solving this so if anyone comes up with a solution, I'd love to hear it!  

Pam Schaw

Okay, so this thread got me thinking about this problem again.  I normally publish to the web and then link to my course on our server from the LMS.  I decided to try creating a simple shortcut (F4) simulation and published for LMS delivery instead.  I zipped it and uploaded it to my LMS, For my LMS "learning even type" I chose a Modal window instead of a browser pop-up window.  

It worked!!!