Keyboard shortcut to rename an object?

Hey all!

I'm creating a Multi language course, with pre-course and post-course questions, for which I need to rename a TON of objects according to the language they are in.

Having to rename an object by double clicking it so the name becomes editable is tiresome. Isnt there a keyboard shortcut that does this? I tried googling it but no donut.

Any help?

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Jay Dharap

Hey Ashley!

Thank you for replying!

Already checked those out. I guess it's carpal tunnel of love for me this summer! :-)

On a serious note, I'd like to submit a copy of what I have done, so you guys could see if there is a more efficient way I could develop Multi language e-learnings with the requirements that I have.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jay,

We don't have a team that is well versed in design set ups to who could check your multi language e-learning course - but the community are definitely all-stars at things like that! Are you able to post it here publicly? You could also look at starting a new thread in the Building Better Courses side of the forums as that tends to be more design and how to focused. 

Teresa Vanderpost

Hey Georg, I just did a search for this, so your F2 is helpful.  Too bad it doesn't edit it for something that is text.  It just highlights the text on the slide.  But I do have images, and markers alot, so for those now I hit F2 and It is always remember it is never too late to share your information :)