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Carrie Eaton

Hmmmm...I tried that and still no luck. When I press just the F3, a slider comes up in the upper left corner of the screen and each time I press F3, a number goes higher in the slider, but I can't tell what the number is for or what it's doing. Very strange.

Well, I'll play with it a bit to see if I can 1) get the F3 and F4 to open the master slide and normal and 2) what that slider is???  

Thanks for the input, Tom!

Carrie Eaton

Good question, so I pressed F3 outside of SL and still see the slider! I just never tried those function keys before, and now I see on my keypad (Dell laptop) that there is a small speaker icon  under "F3", so evidently that's what I'm controlling with that function key! I'll find out how to disable the Dell functions so perhaps SL functions will work - much more useful!

Thanks again, Tom!