Kickback slides and do-over questions?

Hoping there's a way to do this. I've got it set up so that if they get a question right, they advance to the next slide.  However, if they get it wrong, they're kicked back to the original slide that gave them the correct information.

When they get back to the question slide, though, they're not able to reanswer it.  How do I change this so that they're caught in a feedback loop until they get the answer right? I know I can give them unlimited attempts, but I haven't figured out a way to do that and kick them back to an earlier slide.

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Matthew Graham

You're in luck, Chance!  There is a function that allows you to restart the page.  What's happening is that when you go back to the question slide it is in the same state as when you left it.  You need to tell it to reset itself to its original state.

To do this, look at the layer on the right side of the screen, and click the little gear pic.  Under the "When revisiting" option, choose "reset to initial state."  It will allow the user to start the question over / reinput the variable.

I hope this helps.