KIOSK piece HTML5 issues

I'm having Hanging issues with a html5 output from Articulate StoryLine 3. The final output is around a gig. (66 videos) any suggestions? This project is a kiosk piece which I have exported it for CD for the kiosk piece. I also want to have it on the client's website.

Thank you.


José Munguia
California Sate University, Sacramento

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Brian Dennis

Regarding the file size, I'd suggest hosting your videos online if the kiosk has an internet connection.

Regarding the hang, script code doesn't work on local (CD) playback so the browser might have encountered a hidden script error. Try hosting the same project on a web server and see if things work better


Hi Jose,

I did videos as well on the information kiosk. But, I used a web object linked to the uploaded videos on an on-line video service.

My information kiosk is presented via browser using command line parameters to make it in kiosk mode, full-screen, open the storyline files and prevent zooming on the page.

I also tweak the operating system to prevent USB insertion, powering off the system, etc.

Hope this alternative solution will help.