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Jan Lua

Hi Marissa,

Here are some from the top of my head, I hope one of them appeals to you:

1. Create a slide reiterating the content of the lesson in story form but intentionally change the facts into blatantly erroneous answers with their own separate text box. You can then make the correct answer appear when the learner clicks on the box or prompt a knowledge check slide.

2. You can create a slide with images of grayed out trophies and ask the learner which trophy they want to unlock. Make the trophy clickable and proceeds to the knowledge check where a minimum score is required to change the state of the grayed trophy to an unlocked trophy.

3.You can create a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces lead to a set of questions and are unlocked every 5 correct answers. This plays well with the leaf graphic idea you previously posted as well.

Let me know how it goes.