Knowledge check slides display feedback layer and not base layer when user clicks the previous slide button.

Dec 13, 2016

Once a user submits an answers for a knowledge check question, reads their feedback reply and proceed to the next layer but then needs to hit the previous button to return to the just answered knowledge check question, the feedback slide layer (correct or incorrect layers) is displayed and not the base slide. I can not figure what I am missing. Why is it when the user wants to read the previous slide which happens to be a MC knowledge check questions, when he/she clicks on the previous button to do nto see the base slide but they last feedback layer (correct/incorrect layer) Can you help me? What am I missing?

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Alex Rosputko

I have tried that already. I have place the hide layer trigger when the
timeline ends and when the user clicks. I also have tried every setting
the slide properties to each of the three options. could the problem be a
corruption of the file. I am not sure but this problem iaffects each of the
knowledge check questions.

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