Knowledge Checks that are tracked to LMS, but if learner doesn't pass they have to take Final that will be tracked to LMS

I know most things are possible in Storyline.  How about this one?

  • Course with Knowledge Checks along the way that will be cumulatively tracked to LMS.
  • IF the learner does NOT achieve a cumulative passing score on the Knowledge Checks, then they must take the Final Quiz.  If the learner has to take the Final, then that is the score that should be passed to the LMS, not the cumulative Knowledge Checks.

Possible? Any ideas?

Thanks so much, this community is the best.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

Storyline only supports tracking one results slide to an LMS - so if you need to have two separate elements, that may be the trickier part. I know some users have looked into this before in terms of a pre/post test style set up. You may want to check out these threads while you wait for some other community feedback:

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

If you're reporting them to the same results slide it may impact the overall scoring. For example, the KCs account for 50 points out of 100, and the other Final accounts for 50. If the user scored all correct on the KCs, their score would only reflect 50% as they didn't touch/complete the other ones. If you were to then proceed to the final, those additional questions could be added and bring the user closer to achieving a higher score. But there isn't a way (at least using Storyline's built in methods) to allow for the score to be reset and only calculate the new questions to receive a full score regardless. 

I'll defer to the community for any additional ideas and suggestions for the set up. 

Bill Kelleher


Does the score passed to the LMS ultimately have some value? As in, does it matter whether the user got a passing score of 80 or 90 as long as both passed?

If the score doesn't necessarily matter, you can build this by scoring the knowledge checks, but passing the completion through a single results page with a passing score of 0.

The concept is something like this:

  • If the user passed the cumulative score of the knowledge checks on the second to last page, go to the last page by setting a condition of that results variable being greater than or equal to the passing score.
  • If the user did not pass the cumulative score of the knowledge checks, then on the second to last page go to a final test. If the user passes that test based on that test's results variable, go to the last page. If not, retake that final test until they do.
  • The last page is a results page with a minimum passing score of 0. Add a trigger to submit the results of this page when the timeline starts.
  • Set the completion status of the course dependent upon that lasts results slide page.


Mark Steiner

Thanks Bill, I'll find out about score requirements.  What about this approach?

 Just an idea, but can there be multiple results slides (or at least slides that tally results from questions)?
1. The first results slide tallies all self-checks. If the learner gets over 80% on this, a variable is pass to mark a box on the 3rd (and real) results slide. Would also be good if it could pass the actual score the learner achieved on all self-checks.
2. The 2nd results slide tallies all final assessment questions. If the learner gets over 80% on this, a variable is pass to mark a box on the 3rd (and real) results slide. Would also be good if it could pass the actual score the learner achieved on the final.
3. The 3rd results slide is the one used to pass completion and score to the LMS. As long as the box is checked (by results from either the 1st or 2nd results slide), the status is passed.

Bill Kelleher

The results pages can show the scores the learner achieved on all of the self-checks by calling a reference to those score variables, but ultimately I think it can only pass the one score to the LMS. So even if you wanted to pass the scores of all of the knowledge checks, the best you could probably do is the average of those scores using variables and some math.

Most SCORM systems can only handle 1 score, pass/fail status, and complete/incomplete status per SCO.