Knowledge test tracking incorrectly

Oct 18, 2016

Hey Everyone,

I am experiencing some strange behavior with my randomized knowledge test and the way that it seems to be tracking on my LMS.
I have experimented with virtually every combination of settings in the reporting and tracking options, but can't seem to find a combination that works with our in-house LMS.

Currently, I have my reporting and tracking options set to report as 'Passed/Failed', as well as to track using the results of my results slide. These settings produce the closest to the desired outcome, but we still seem to be having problems.
Here’s the behavior I am experiencing currently, with the aforementioned settings;

In the first instance, when I fail the knowledge test, it reports correctly on our LMS as ‘In Progress’ and the Knowledge test as ‘failed’. After exiting the course and re-entering the course a second time, the course then updates to ‘completed’ (while retaining the ‘failed’ KT status).
Bizarrely, this only seems to be happening on courses with randomized knowledge tests that draw from banks. Whenever we have a course which uses a regular linear knowledge test, it reports correctly.

Is this an issue that anyone else is experiencing? Any ideas on how i can fix this behavior?



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