Label size (not font size)

I created a few labels in a course and I've just decided to increase the font size on them. But on a few of them, the size ob the label is too small and the little squares you normally click on to increase or decrease the size of a text box do not appear anymore. How can I change the size of the label (text box)?  If I copy/paste (to keep the triggers) it doesn't work. I need to crate a new one, but then I loose all my triggers associated with it. Please help!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stéphanie, 

Are these standard text boxes you added to your slide? If you'd like to change their size, you'll want to drag from the corners or edges of the text box to create them larger or smaller. 

 If this isn’t quite right, can you share a screenshot or copy of your .story file so that I can take a look?   That way I can check that we're talking about the same thing!