Lack of Anti Aliased Text Support within Storyline

Myself and several other users would appear to have been flagging the critical issue of low quality text generated by Storyline (apart from using the tedious %txt% workaround) for some time now.

This is just to ley you now that we are dropping the use of Articulate for our major clients - whose eLearning projects generated over £5m revenues with us last year, because of an apparent failure from the Articulate guys to wake up to the fact that this is a fundamental issue impacting the quality of Storyline projects and putting Articulate at a serious competitive disadvantage to other high end authoring solutions.

It pains me to say this, as I really love the product but I won't be using Storyline again on future projects as I cannot afford the time and frustration to apply the hit and miss workaround to every text box on every page of every project (not to mention the nightmare with translations) in order to achieve decent quality text.

PLEASE, you Articulate guys, can't you give this issue priority treatment - for the sake of the product reputation as well as customer satisfaction.

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Jeremy Miles

Thanks Justin

As I said, I would hate to see Articulate lose market share as I think it is a great product, but nearly every client commenmts on the fuzzy text when we present an out of the box solution.

Are there any other workarounds other than inserting the %txt% variable into every text box. This is not a robust alternative as the text size becomes corrupted as soon as you alter the dimension of the text box. This is particularly an issue when re-importing translated text into an existing program.


Dave L

Our company is taking the same route as Jeremy. We can not use Articulate for future projects because of the poor text quality. The workaround with a empty text variable is not a long term solution and should not be the only alternative for getting sharp text output with a software that is suited for interactive e learning.

I hoped this would have been fixed in the latest update (july 24 2014), but there seems to be no fix for this that is included in the update. This leaves us with no choice than changing to a software that offers a better solution.