lag on audio storyline 2

Sep 22, 2014

Just playing around with the new version of storyline and added an audio track, clicked play (beneath timeline) and am getting about a six second delay before anything starts happening. Anyone else seeing a delay?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Karl,

I added audio to a slide and clicked the play button beneath the Timeline, and I also got a small delay. I believe this is just giving the audio time to load.

I tested it in SL1 and it does the same thing. When I previewed the slide, the audio played right away. Have you tried to preview or publish, and are you getting the same lag in audio?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karl,

Are you seeing this delay in your published output at all? You'll also want to confirm that you're system matches the requirements here, which are a minimum, so you may want to test this with other programs and items closed and only Storyline running (check your task manager to close down as much as possible). 

Kevin Thorn

The delay in using the play button below the timeline has always been part of Storyline. Not sure if I recall it every being raised as a bug or design issues. 

To echo Emily, previewing the timeline live within the authoring environment (as opposed to a published 'preview') has more to generate. In a published preview you're seeing/hearing the slide only and any associated layers. In a live environment preview you're not only seeing the slide but also the timeline as it plays for purposes of cue points.

The length of delay in 6 seconds may be the result of the assets on that slide. For instance if you have a relatively short audio of 10-15 seconds and only Storyline graphics (buttons, characters, shapes, etc.), the delay shouldn't be but a second or less. I have noticed longer delays when my slides are heavier with 1 minute+ audio, hi-res images, and the number of layers involved and their assets. Add in a custom master slide and that single timeline needs to generate all of it.

One way to verify if it's a bug or other issue is to test various slide heavy content. One with little to no assets with a short audio clip, and another loaded up with images, audio, video, and several layers.

Kenton de Jong

Hey everyone,

I realize there are thousands of threads each day and it's difficult for the staff to address all of them, but I'm wondering if there's been any progress on this.

I'm experiencing a similar issue. On my larger slides, my client complained the audio was being "clipped". I had the audio to set playing when the timeline started, so I moved the audio a half second after the timeline started instead. It seemed to fix most of the issues, but they are still noticing it on some slides. I could easily move the audio to play a second after the timeline starts, but I'm worried that other users with a faster connection speed will be sitting there for a second in silence. Speed is key on the 'net, so the faster the better and a second delay is pretty long by web standards.

In regards to the above comments, it would make sense that the audio works fine in Preview as the course only has to play that one slide, and not preload the next ones. I read somewhere, and please correct me if I'm wrong, Storyline loads the first slide, then the next four, and then all the remaining. Could it be that if the course is very long, say 300+ slides, the course will be trying to preload audio on say, slide 197 while still playing audio on slide 6? This might explain the delay. 

Just some ideas. But it would be great to hear back from Ashley or somebody to see what they think!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kenton,

Thanks for your patience as we get to threads - we're here, but as you mentioned it can get busy! 

In regards to your clipped audio, I'd look into ensuring you're testing it in one of the supported browsers detailed here and also look at testing in a different LMS or server. This article has a few options for web servers and you could use SCORM Cloud as an LMS  option. 

Storyline does preload as you've described, and you can read more about that here. 

As for the preview - there is a bit of a difference in the preview of the slide from the timeline vs. the overall course preview button (regardless of doing one slide or all of them) that Emily and Kevin did a good job describing above. 

If you ever need us to take a look at a file, we're always happy to - you can share it here in the forums or always send along to our team here. 

Derek Dorsett

I am having latency issues with my audio playback once it is published. This is particularly true around s sounds and t sounds.  I am using Storyline Articulate 3. My computer is way above the minimum needed to operate this program. Something is happening when the file is being encoded and published that is causing this issue. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Derek and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Sorry to hear that you're experiencing some latency issues with your audio. This thread is a bit dated and I have not seen this reported for Storyline 3.

You mention that it's happening once the file is published.

  • How are you publishing and sharing the file?
  • Are you viewing the published file in the environment as your learner would or viewing the published file locally on your computer?
  • Would you be able to share your .story file for us to take a look?
Derek Dorsett

Here is my process:
1. Publish for Web.
2. Take the files and upload them to CloudBerry as hosted by Amazon S3.
3. Make files public and share the "Story Chrome HTML Document" as an
embedded URL on my WIX website

You can view the output here: ( It almost sounds
like there is a delay or reverb on the speech. I'm not sure where in the
process the issue is occurring.

I notice on the second presentation slide when I say "Free Secure Internet
Browsing" and a little when I say "Virus detection."

As an aside, if Articulate partnered with Vyond you could make the ultimate
Content Authoring System. It would blow Captivate out of the water.


Crystal Horn

Thanks Derek for the link to your output.  We could hear some "glitchiness" with the audio in those locations too. 

Could you share your .story file for the Storyline sample hosted at that link?  You can use the Add Attachment option in your reply.  I'd like to test publishing and hosting in S3 to see if I can get the same behavior.  

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