Laggy SL and workspace images quality - let us change it!


Well another big project in Storyline for me, and once again, despite of my really nice PC specs, Storyline is getting laggier and laggier. Working starts to annoy, and then, you know, quality goes down :)

I've realized that more images I have on current slide, then more laggy it becomes. So why not implement a setting which you can see in almost every major production software (like Final Cut, Sony Vegas, Adobe inDesign), which allows to work without lags?

Yeah, Storyline lacks function to reduce images/videos quality in projecting phase. It's called display quality, preview quality - choose for yourself. This way, when SL doesn't need to render pictures in big quality (or many pictures in small, whatever) in real time, but can show us "preview", things would go faster.

Once again - I'm talking about workspace quality, not the preview itself quality.

How do you all see this?

Maybe you have some tricks that speeds up SL reaction? Now I have some shapes and images in png at slide, and time between clicking and editing text box is like 5 seconds. Scrolling also takes some time. :(

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