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Alyssa Gomez
Launching .bat file

I'm looking for a way to launch a .bat file by clicking an object or button in Storyline. This .bat file then launches an .exe file.

How is it possible ? Is a javascript function the solution?
If so, do you know it?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Laurent!

I am not familiar with creating .bat files, so hopefully folks in the community can assist you with that. It looks like Walt has experience creating .bat files from his response here, so it might be worth taking a look at that discussion. 

Walt Hamilton

A .bat file is a text file containing a batch of commands. These are commands that can be typed into the command line, such as "copy", "delete", or "start".  "start" will run a file such as an .exe file. The batch file is merely a way to save a bunch of them and run them all just by clicking.  They are launched like .exes, by double clicking on them.


Unless you want to do some other activity, any command that will launch a .bat  should also be able to launch an .exe. I don't know how to launch them using either SL, or JS.  My impression is that JS interacts with the web page, not the Operating System. Maybe Steve, Micheal, Gerry, or Matthew can weigh in on how it can be done.