Landscape and Portraitmode in one file


Is there a way to use landscape mode and portraitmode in the same file? Just like it's possible in Microsoft Word?

Or, if there is not, is it possible to connect 2 different projects (storyfiles). If you open project 1 and can click a button you automatically go to project 2?

For example, a user opens the project. He gets the question ''do you want to see this in portrait of landscape mode?'' If the user chooses option 1. He stays in this project. If he is selecting option 2. The project close and an other project (with diverent slide size) is opening. 

Thank you! 

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Scott Wiley

Would the content you're intending to display vertically, in portrait mode, not work well enough displayed in a Scrolling Panel?

Typically, if viewing any previous content in horizontal (landscape) mode, the content in portrait would either be zoomed out to show the whole page, making it unreadable, or zoomed in to need scrolling to view it all anyway.