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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paula,

This discussion is a bit older, from about 3 years ago. I'm not sure what Ewa was able to accomplish but you can message her directly using the "contact me" button on her profile to get a bit more information from her directly, as we wouldn't be able to support manually changing the file types or modifying the published output. 

Best of luck with your project! 

Paula Vianna Kietzer

Hi Ashley! 

I noticed that her question was asked a long time ago, but I thought she would receive a notification or maybe somebody would see it and help me. I will try contacting her directly! Thank you for the advise! 

If she does not respond me, do you think I should open a new discussion? It is very important to me to find a solution for this issue.

Thank you very much,


Ashley Terwilliger

She does if she's still subscribed Paula - and so if you don't hear, using the "contact me" button is another good option to see if she's able to share what her ultimate result was. 

I know we have an issue filed with our team to look at issues with encoding the special characters in the manifest files for LMS, especially in answer and question text it's a limitation of the AICC and SCORM standards as detailed here. 

If you wanted to start a new discussion you're welcome to and perhaps others in the community are able to share the ways in which they've gotten around this behavior as well!