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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ewa,

I'm honestly not sure which file you'd need to change for this. 

What LMS are you using? Maybe someone with experience with that LMS could chime in and help out.

Also, the LMS requires that information? Do they not support any courses created or "tagged" as English?

What's the error that you're seeing? 


Ewa Marciniak

Hi Christine,

Thank you for your reply.

In answer to your questions:

I suppose I'd need to change this in metadata.xml - because I used to do it in Articulate Studio '09

(there is Title, for example).

But when I do the same in Storyline, unfortunately it doesn't work. There probably are some differences between the programs.

In our company we'r using LMS which is based on ASP.NET.MVC3

As you know, the LMS requires the information inside metadata.xml, for example.

So if there are letters from Polish aphabet, like "ś" or "ć", SCORM package fails to finish uploading.

When the course is created or "tagged" as English, there is not problem.

To sum up, I know it's necessary to change code, but I'm not sure where.

Best regards

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ewe,

We're not able to support the modification of the output files, unfortunately. And to be honest, I'm not sure where you would make that change. 

Yes, the files will be a bit different from Studio '09 - but the XML file does sound like it would make sense to modify for this purpose. 

I'd recommend starting a new thread and possibly posting over in Building Better Courses as well - make the topic a little more clear, if possible. For example, something like "Need assistance modifying output files for LMS - EN-US to UTF-8", etc. Hopefully this will help get your question a little more exposure and some additional feedback.

Also, please share any additional information you find. I'm curious to know if you're able to find out where to change this and if you're able to get this working. The information may end up helping others in the future as well :)


Ewa Marciniak

Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for your support

I've not started a new thread, because I solved the problem.

I'd written that I supposed I'd need to modify metadata.xml, but I realised I was in the wrong.

There is no need to change EN-US to UTF-8.

I found out I had to change this in imsmanifest.xml.

Why? To explain I post a piece of code - before and after it's changed:



      Innowacja - podstawowe poj?cia













      Innowacja - podstawowe pojęcia











As you can see, I used a letter "ę" in the title which was changed to "?" in the xml file (in the first three lines of code).

So I had to modify this manually. And it works

I hope I explain it clearly.

Best regards,