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Ray Cole

One possibility that comes to mind is to ask learners to pronounce the word or phrase out loud, and then click a button to hear a native speaker pronounce the same word or phrase correctly. Even though Storyline can't compare the learner's pronunciation with the correct pronunciation, hopefully the learner can.

If you don't think your learners will be able to self-identify their pronunciation mistakes from this exercise, you could lead up to it by having learners "tune their ears" in some preliminary exercises in which they hear a recording of a correct pronunciation and a recording of a common incorrect pronunciation and have to identify which aspect of the incorrect pronunciation is wrong or different and how to correct it (e.g., the "r" should be rolled, but wasn't; or the double-L in Spanish should be pronounced like a "Y", etc.). After they get good at careful, analytical listening in these exercises, they should be ready to compare their own pronunciations with an expert's.

I don't think this approach will lend itself to grading or scoring, though.



Anna Ovchinnikova

Thank you for your quick (!) replies, Ray and Ridvan! I will check out the ideas in the challenge in the link.

As for recognition, I will actually be working with a platform that recognizes speech. I know this is a website for Articulate e-learning platform, but there are also plenty useful tips about design that I hope to find.


Learning & Development

hello guys I am wondering if any new idea came by since two years? 

I am searching to implement voice recording option for the trainee. 

They listen to my audio and then record their audio to compare. Do you know how to make it happen? Ideally I want to implement it in RISE. 

Thanks for helping