Language specific screencasts


I've got a question that I've been wondering about and searched the forum for similar issues but could not find something that really suites me. 

We are at the start of creating e-learning for our software company. Therefore we need to make a lot of software simulations in several languages. What bothers me is that I can't seem to find what the correct en most efficient workflow would be. Text in storyline etc. is no problem to translate. But how do you proceed when the software application is in several languages and thus every language requires it's own specific video/simulation? Can we swap video file so it would be easy to translate in at least 4 languages. Creating new screens casts will be necessary but a tedious job. Timing of course is key, if I want to keep the adjustments as little as possible. So efficiency would be great. Hopefully people could help me with a effective/efficient workflow. I'm open for suggestions. Thanks in advance    

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