Language tag in LMS output

Hello, I publish a Storyline eLearning to LMS using SCORM 1.2. The engineer on the LMS site asked me to set the language tag to "English" (I will also publish a German, Italien and French version).

The Storyline publish interface doesn't show me a field called "Language". Thus, it must be somewhere in the published files (html, xml, xsd or js). Can someone tell where to find the string "Language" so I can set it to English?

Many thanks in advance.

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Rolf Benninger

Hi Ashley,

Many thanks for your response. But the discussion and the article doesn't help me. I have seen, that the stroy.html file contains the entry lang="en". But this entry isn't the one the LMS is looking for. I think the LMS is looking for another file, the imsmanifest.xml. There in are all the metadata, but nothing like <language>EN</language> (or so) that tells the LMS the language of the eLearning (and the LMS can fill the field "Language" with EN).

Can you please ask one of your software engineers or SCORM output specialists?

Thanks a lot.