Large black space at bottom of the player window

Where should I look for the setting to remove the large extra space below my content, at the bottom of the player window? I have removed all of the Storyline navigation buttons, and Submit buttons. All of the controls, and the title are unchecked for the player.

The content fits nicely if I preview each scene individually, but if I preview the entire project, or publish the file I have the extra space.

Maybe this is related, maybe not, but only two of my five scenes show up in the menu. Why is that?

Thanks for your help, I tried to google, but unsuccessfully.


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karen forkish

The mystery of the black stripe has been solved, there was an untitled slide that could only be seen after scrolling horizontally that I missed, and it had the Previous and Next buttons checked. That horizontal scrollbar always gets me.

About my second question, anyone have any thoughts about why several scenes aren't showing up in the menu? Is there a setting to specifically include scenes in the nav menu?

Thanks again,