Large tear drop buttons and cool backgraound graphics on David Anderson's travel game

Hi- I am developing programs for youth learners.  These may be really basic- however, I don't know how to "grow" the buttons to be the shape and size like David's Travel Game.  Also- gamers- where do get the neat board games or other graphics to make the back ground? thanks! Grandma Virginia

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Crystal Horn

Aw, hey Grandma Virginia!  We have an Aunt Virginia, but we call her Ginny.  :)

We've got a bunch of really cool, free downloads for you.

And for David's game, I think you might be referring to this gem created in Storyline 1:

I downloaded it and opened it in Storyline 2...looks good.  I can tell by looking at his timeline that those markers were actually pictures that he imported.


The built-in markers you can add using the Insert tab in Storyline can't be resized.  So in this case, David used his own image to really customize the marker effect!

I hope that helps.  Let us know if you need any help!  Also, our Building Better Courses forum is usually rife with good ideas, too.  :)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Virginia!

Most of them just come as assets within a .story file. So, they typically download right into your downloads folder and you can open the .story file and use as you wish. Copy/paste into your project perhaps or just peek around to understand the setup so you can implement the same in your course. Hope that helps!