Large Video Files and Bigger Render Times

Aug 10, 2015

I've got some pretty big video files 10 hour-long mp4 files in my presentation.

These are key to my presentation and I'm finding that ever time I save or render I lose a tremendous amount of time (over an hour to render and over 10 minutes just to save changes).

Is there some way that I can reduce the amount of productivity I am wasting? Is there no way to eliminate re-rendering over video?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Joseph -- Thank you for your question, and sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. Other than suggest that you break your presentation down into smaller parts with one or 2 MP4 files each, you may want to consider some of the suggestions listed in this older thread that may work for your situation. And perhaps some community members will chime in here with their ideas, as well. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joseph,

Unfortunately there isn't a way to bypass that rendering as a part of publishing or saving. Those are particularly long videos though - have you looked at hosting them outside the course and then linking to them as web objects? I suspect that may also help with overall load times on the side of your users. 

Justin Wilcox

Hi Joseph. 

Thanks for taking the time to respond regarding the functionality of web objects and videos. The behavior that is noted in the documentation as to how videos and web objects are handled is currently a fact of life. We do have this noted so if something changes in the future, we could certainly look at changing the behavior.  

We have a specific process that bugs and features go through before they see the light of day in a product update or a version release. Not every bug is going to be handled identically, nor is every feature. We do consider risk versus reward for both. If there is a high risk to fixing a minor bug, it may not be addressed as quickly as a critical bug that has a low risk in resolving. We have released several updates to Storyline 2 throughout it's life cycle which you can review here. We have teams actively working on current and future versions of Storyline and while I can't speak to our product roadmap, we are always looking at adding features and addressing issues. 

I do understand that it can be frustrating to not see as frequent updates that add features or address specific issues and that is certainly something we are looking at in terms of our product release cycle. 

That's great to hear that you feel you have a new career because of Storyline! It's always great to hear stories like that. You definitely raise some valid points regarding our product release cycle and I will certainly share your concerns with the appropriate folks here.

Justin Wilcox

Hey Joe. 

Thanks for the response. I just wanted to clarify by fact of life I meant that is what is currently possible within the technical limitations of using video and web objects in Storyline. That is why we would look at that in terms of a feature add. I do understand that there is a lack of transparency from the customer's point of view regarding bugs and feature requests and that is certainly something that we have discussed and we will continue to discuss. If you are a customer and you have submitted a bug or have a known issue, we do track the bug progress and we do update the customer's impacted when we have a fix for them. We do also update the community threads as well. 

We do actually listen to our customers. Not everything that every customer wants is going to make it into our products or how we do things. That doesn't mean the input is less valued or appreciated. At some point we have to make decisions that we feel offer the greatest benefit to all of our customers. 

It's super important to us, as a company, that we listen to your input.  That's why we have folks in our forums, handling cases, taking phone calls every day. It's our jobs to make sure your voices are heard. 


Joseph Conrad

You guys do a pretty good job as staff on the forums, so don't get me wrong. I get that you hear us and you could be great advocates for us, but often we are told to submit a request for a feature or go through channels to get support, so there is a disconnect there for us as customers. We want the person that is listening to run with the ball instead of having to be listened to twice.

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