Last item on trigger won't work

Good Afternoon, 

I've created a slide where if the user clicks the > "next slide" option without viewing any of the markers shown on the page then it provides a warning message saying you may have missed content. 

This appears to be working and we're using a lightbox to relay the message to the user. This has it's own "take me back" or "yes i understand" option. < will go back to the original slide, > will go to what the next slide would have been. 

This has worked for 7/8 triggers... the 8th item always fails. Would anyone have a clue as to why this is. All actions/triggers/rules/variables are correct. This is checked be reordering the trigger list. If I move the 8th item to 1st slot. Then the new "8th" item will fail... 

Currently, it's set to go to a slide in it's own scene. Using variables so it knows where to send the user on return. If 1 go to A if 2 go to B etc.  

Any help, much appreciated. Or if anyone can think of a different want of using this message. 

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