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Meredith Southergill

Hi Leslie!


We originally based this off of a third party template, but I think we recreated it from scratch. Attached is the template – I’m curious to know if you experience the same issue? I will also try and recreate from scratch to see if that helps. Thanks!


Tony Konig

Having same issue in Storyline 360.  1 Slide master with currently 30+ layouts. I began with a blank master and built from scratch. No videos, just text, images and shapes on the layouts. Very disappointing as I'm trying to create a template for my organization. I guess I'll circumvent the problem by having almost nothing on the master, and then having the layouts in a single scene that the designers can pull into scenes they are creating.  Please let me know if there is a solution to this problem. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tony,

That's a lot of layouts on one slide master! Have you looked at creating separate slide masters based on the items you need? 

A Storyline course can have as many slide masters as you want, and the layout will inherit all the properties of its master, so depending on what you've added to the master that could be slowing it down? 

If you are ultimately sharing these slides with your colleagues, you may want to look at building it as a template instead!  

Master slides are used to assign common elements to all the slides associated with the slide master, whereas templates allow you to set individual slides and content that will be used more than once. 

Also, always a good reminder to check that you're working on local project files, using the latest update, and following along with the other troubleshooting tips here to keep Storyline running in tip-top shape! If you continue to see really slow responses from Storyline, our Support team is happy to dive into specifics with you, reach out to them directly here!