Latest Mobile Player Update: Issued with FLV/Alpha Channel Videos

Sep 21, 2013

I downloaded the latest mobile player app tonight, ran my latest project through it, and none of the videos that are FLV with alpha channel files are now playing correctly on an iPad using the mobile player. They were working fine before this latest update.

Anyone else finding this?

I have to launch this project next week and think I am going to weep!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

I haven't seen that yet on any of the files I've been testing on my iPad, but I know a number of community members are discussing issues also related to the iOS7 update here - did you also update your iOS7 software? If you'd like to share the .story file with us here or by submitting a Support case we're happy to test it. I didn't update to iOS7 on my iPad yet, so I'm happy to test it. 

James McLuckie

Hi Ashley

No, I haven't updated to iOS7 yet ... too scared to after reading all the stories on here! 

I submitted a support case after I started this thread, and the issue is being looked into for me. Thanks for offering to help. Just to be clear, however, it is only FLV with alpha channel videos I am having an issue with. Regular MP4 videos are all completely fine. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

I see that Cleo shared the following information: I had my Senior Engineers test the links you provided using iPad 2/3/4/mini running the latest version of Articulate Mobile Player and so far the video and audio were in sync. Some experienced long loading period while others where prompted for permission to access the microphone, still the audio and video synced. They suggested that you have the affected users check the internet connection speed and to close/exit background applications (see multitasking feature of iPad) before retesting the content 

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