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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mahesh and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for letting us know that you ran into an issue with your Storyline 360 project in IE11.

I created a quick test file and published using Build 3.36.21213.0, but I am not seeing an issue with the play, pause, rewind, or seekbar in IE11.

Take a look at my sample file here and the file is attached.

Are you seeing an issue across projects or just this one in particular?

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Mahesh Barge

Hi Leslie, 

Thanks for your reply.

I have created two scenarios for your reference using Build 3.36.21213.0. Take a look at my attached sample files and publish setting ref.

This issue is with the seekbar. If you keep seekbar unchecked on 1st slide, then pause, replay and seekbar getting inactive for next all slides.

And if you keep seekbar checked on 1st slide, then it is working fine.

Mac005 Asdu

Hi Leslie

Myself and our team of developers are also having this same issue after the latest update. It's been a nightmare to be honest, we are trying to review products with our customers and they think we have changed something and we haven't. I have been scratching my head what could be wrong, trying all sorts. As a work around I found it would work if I include flash as part of the published output. Publishing in CD stops the controls working altogether and in LMS I now after testing, have found I can get it to work with flash and html5. But we don't want to use flash.

Thankfully Mahesh has reported this, please fix very quickly as our very large company only uses IE11 for its thousands of work stations.

This problem exists for different eLearning projects, not just mine.

I look forward to your reply.



Gary Williams

Hi Leslie,

Mahesh has perfectly described the issue I have.

IE11: Seekbar and play/pause or refresh controls will not work on our company PC version in:

CD: Launch Story or Story 

LMS: Launch Story or Story-HTML5

On a standalone development IE11 laptop

CD: will not work in Launch Story but will work in Story (but cursor does not change to the hand)

LMS: Will not work in either Launch Story or Story-HTML5

Kindest regards 



Mac005 Asdu

Hi Mahesh

Brilliant my friend, thank you for that, I will do this now and wait for a fix off Articulate. I have also raised a case number with them this morning.

There seems to be so many fixes over the year for this program. It appears every time they provide an update they create more problems, which they have to fix in their next update. Using this program is becoming very frustrating, as we have encountered many issues. I also wish there was a MAC version.

Again thanks for your help.

Kindest Regards


Adhithya vignesh

Hi team,

I have the same issue - not being able to play, pause and replay the timeline in Chrome when I publish the course in LMS.

I have created a course with videos in the previous version of Articulate Storyline 360. But I have updated the Storyline 360 to the latest update on 21st January 2020(Build 3.36.21213.0).

As I need to add another video in between the existed video slide, I just inserted it(a screen-recorded in Camtasia). I published the course in LMS as Tincan API.

I could not able to preview the course in the local.

And also, I tested it in the Scorm Cloud. While testing the course in the Scorm Cloud, the inserted video is not playing for the first time. But it is playing once I refresh the slide.

This happens only for the screencast video.

But I need to add only the recorded video.

Please help me with this.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi everyone,

Thank you for the details and the examples.

We are currently taking a look at this issue:

The seekbar and other player controls do not work when the first slide uses custom features that do not include a seekbar.

This conversation has been attached to the report so that we can monitor the users impacted as well as share any updates with you here. I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur as well.

In the meantime, you have two options:

  1. Install a previous update as Mahesh shared above by following these instructions.
  2. Enable seekbar for all slides in the course or use the player defaults.
Len Taylor

Hello, having the same issue here. works fine in other browsers including Edge. Won't play in IE, we only get a grey screen. Please keep us updated on this i am in the process of building 17 courses around video. I am dead in the water until this is resolved but will try the installation suggested here. Thanks gang! 

Tiffanie Lord

Greetings All! I am really struggling! My attached file will not "preview the entire project"...and stops allowing me to preview "This Scene" after slide 1.20.

I have followed the above-mentioned advice on ensuring the seekbar is on...as well as having our IT department uninstall the recent version and replace with v3.33.20697.0 version. My teammate has the v3.33.20697.0 version and was able to successfully perform the previews on the same file...while I cannot.

I am at a loss... and not sure how to proceed at this point. 

If anyone can call me directly that would be a dream come true: 623-217-5705

Thank you,


Jeff Forrer

Hi Tiffanie, I tested this in version 804.0, which is the one I have been using, one version later your teammates.  I crash on Preview of this course, just to let you know, if that information helps at all.  Good luck, curious to see what the problem is.

This is my error report:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<ErrorReport xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">
<Message>Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.
Parameter name: direction</Message>
<StackTrace> at PointF s.e(IAnimatable A_0, Direction A_1, bool A_2, int A_3)
at bwVarPoint s.g(IAnimatable A_0, Direction A_1, bool A_2, int A_3)
at bwVarPoint af.e(IAnimatable A_0)
at bwPositionSegment af.g(IAnimatable A_0)
at bwPositionSegment af.h(IAnimatable A_0, Direction A_1)
at bwTweenPosition af.u(IAnimatable A_0)
at bwAnimation af.s(IAnimatable A_0)
at void u.Animate(IAnimatable animatable)
at string Articulate.Design.Animations.ShapeAnimations.a(bwStageObject A_0, string A_1, Nullable&lt;TimeSpan&gt; A_2)
at void Articulate.Design.Shape.ai(bwStageObject A_0)
at void Articulate.Design.Shape.Articulate.Player.IPlayerShape.AddAnimations(IPlayerService service, bwStageObject stageObj)
at void Articulate.Player.PlayerContentPublisher.a(IEnumerable&lt;IPlayerShape&gt; A_0, bwSlideBase A_1)
at bwSlide Articulate.Player.PlayerContentPublisher.CreateSlideObject(IPlayerSlide slide, bwISlideContainer sceneobj)
at void Articulate.Player.PlayerContentPublisher.CreateBridgewaterSlide(PlayerWriterSettings settings, IPlayerSlide slide, bwISlideContainer sceneobj)
at bool Articulate.Player.PlayerContentPublisher.CreateContentScenes(PlayerWriterSettings settings, IPlayerContentProvider contentProvider)
at bwContent Articulate.Player.PlayerWriter.WriteContent(IPlayerContentProvider contentProvider)
at bool Articulate.Player.PlayerWriter.Write(IPlayerContentProvider contentProvider)
at void nv.n()
at void Articulate.Design.Publish.TargetContext+PublishBackgroundWorker.OnDoWork(DoWorkEventArgs e)
at void Articulate.ComponentModel.STABackgroundWorker.a(object A_0)</StackTrace>