Latest update - video seek bar not allowing seek

Hi all,

Has anyone else experienced where a project with videos won't let you seek using the VIDEO seek bar (NOT the player seek bar) in the latest build of SL 360?

We have a project that last week the videos all allowed seeking and now this week they don't. This affects both publish and preview. I tried with an older published file (from last week) of the same project and the videos seek fine. Today I updated to Build 3.37.21453.0 and all of a sudden I can't seek videos (again, preview or publish).

Is this a bug? Is there a new feature or setting I'm missing? I went ahead and rolled back my install to Build 3.36.21289.0 just now and I can seek on videos again. Just want to ensure it's reported as a bug or that we get some documentation if there's a new setting I need to be aware of. Thanks!

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Leah and Marcello!

You're right: The video's seek bar isn't working correctly in Storyline 360, Update 37Here's a quick video of my test!

This problem isn't present in Storyline 360, Update 36. To ensure seeking in your course, you can temporarily install this previous version

Let me get this in front of our team so that we can verify whether this is a bug or not. I appreciate you bringing this up, and apologize for the trouble!

Katie Riggio

Good morning, everybody!

Great news to start the day: A hotfix for Storyline 360 is ready, and it addresses the issue where learners couldn't click or drag the seekbar on the built-in video controls! 

You can explore the release notes here, and download the latest update with these steps. Thanks for helping us make this improvement!