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Ken Nicholson

Justin Grenier said:

Good Afternoon, Ken.

The trick with the Launch player in new window (creates launch page) Browser Setting within Storyline's Player Properties is that upon publish, you want to call or link to the launcher.html file instead of the story.html file.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Thanks Justin, but how do I do that when the LMS normally takes care of the storyline zip file automatically. I have worked wit Articulate Presenter for some years on the same LMS and do not have to call or link to the launcher file.

many thanks,


Justin Grenier

Thanks for clarifying that you are working with an LMS, Ken.

Most Learning Management Systems manage how windows/content is opened themselves, in order to prevent LMS communication errors when too many windows are opened or initiated by other windows.  If you need the launch button, you may need to configure your LMS to open the content in the parent window as opposed to opening in a pop-up, and most LMSes have this option.

I do see that in the imsmanifest.xml file, there is a difference in which file we specify.

Storyline says:

resource identifier="__5ZHr1Gmznbz_course_id_RES" type="webcontent" href="index_lms.html" adlcp:scormtype="sco"

Presenter says:

resource identifier="Articulate_Presenter_RES" type="webcontent" href="launcher.html" adlcp:scormtype="sco"

I believe this intentional.

Although Articulate cannot support the modification of published output, it might be possible to edit the imsmanfiest.xml file and change the href reference to launcher.html.  However, this may cause issues in the LMS.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Erik R. Huemer

I have a similar problem. (I'm using Moodle as my LMS.)

Up until a week ago or so everything worked fine. Then, Articulate stopped producing a correct imsmanifest.xml IMHO.

In that file, there is a line reading

<resource identifier="__6bmqOOzpuI1_course_id_RES" type="webcontent" adlcp:scormType="sco" href="index_lms.html">

Before - I think - the line read

<resource identifier="__6bmqOOzpuI1_course_id_RES" type="webcontent" adlcp:scormType="sco" href="launcher.html">

This line in imsmanifest.xml defines, which html file should be started by the LMS first. In the first case, the content is opened immediately, in the second case, the LMS opens a page with a launch button, which opens a new window with the story.

I need to use the second Option, because if I let the LMS (Moodle) open a new window, it doesn't work on iPads.

The problem seems to be, that the option Launch player in new window (creates launch page) ceased working.

Anyone who has the same problem? Any idea, how this issue could be resolved? (Editing imsmanifest.xml is a not very convenient workaround).


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Erik

You mentioned a change in the way the file works within the last week? Do you mean you're seeing this as a part of Update 10 for Storyline 2? If so, we'd be happy to investigate further and it'd be best to work with our Support Engineers here directly for that. 

As far as the launch behavior, you can choose to have it launch in a new window as noted here. So you may also want to look at that setting. 

Pete Dunford

Hi Erik,

Did you ever get a solution to this? I've got a file that has suddenly stopped launching in a new window when I publish it, when it was working before. When i change the imsmanifest.xml document, i can get it working again, but as you so correctly say this "is not a very convenient workaround"!



Ashley Terwilliger

I'm not sure if Erik is still subscribed here, as the post is a bit older - but you could always use the "contact me" button on a ELH users' profile to reach out to them directly! 

It could also be that Erik was using an earlier version of Storyline. Since this post we've released Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 which both include some changes to the published output files. 

Sandy Barlao


Hope someone still gets through this thread. I created a content in Storyline 360. But I want my simulator to launch in a new browser window/tab. I tried both the HTML5 and flash file, but no good. Using the launcher file opens a new tab but the source browser switches to a page with the launch button. I wish to keep the original page which contains the article up while the simulator is running in another window/tab.

I have selected the Launch player in new window (creates launch page) and published as web. I tried both Chrome and Edge to make sure it's not browser compatibility issues. 


Please help.


Thanks in advance.