Launch Page Customisation Possible?


My organisation's browser settings means our elearns open in a new tab on the existing window rather than a new window.  The business is accustomed to full screen browser elearn content rather than a slightly smaller specified browser window size setting made in the LMS against the content package (which makes it look like a new browser window with a clearly delineated 'x' to close the viewing window).  So our problem is that users (a population with widely varying computer literacy) are tending to close the whole window (thus exiting out of the LMS) rather than closing the specific window tab when they still have several more elearns to complete.

I've read where the orange launch pad icon can be replaced by an edit (C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Storyline X\Content\orange_launch_normal.gif) so was thinking I could use Photoshop to add some text instructions on a replacement graphic where I could include an instruction about closing the elearn viewing tab and not the whole window.  But then I got to wondering if it was possible to add some script to the file that links to the Launch Page graphic (java?) that would close the current window tab.  Perhaps even dividing the graphic into two using hotspots - one hotspot when clicked closes the window tab while the other hotspot re-launches the content when clicked?   Any possibility of this in the real world or am I just dreaming? 


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