Launch_Story.exe Date Question

When I publish my Storyline project for CD, all the files in the Publish folder are dated for the day I do the publish EXCEPT the launch_story.exe file. For some reason, the date on that file is a few months ago. (I've attached a screenshot)

This has happened to me more than once now.

Anyone have any ideas about this date discrepency and why this could be happening? I just want to know that the Launch_Story.exe file is really up to date and not actually a version from a few months ago.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nicole,

Can't say I've seen this. Are you overwriting an existing directory by any chance? If so, can you try publishing to a different folder/directory and see if that makes a difference?

If it doesn't, one way to find out is to make a minor change. Launch the EXE file and see if the changes have taken place. If they have, I don't think this is something that will interfere with the course. If it does not update, it may be something we need to check out.

Nicole Legault

Hi Christine,

No I was not overwriting an existing directory. I did try publishing to a new folder/directory and the date was still different for the Launch_Story.exe file, however, the edits that I made WERE reflected in that .exe file... so despite the date being wonky, the .exe file seems to be current.

Strange..... *twilight zone music playing in background*