Launching a course for the first time and inviting users

Hi, I am ready to launch a course for the first time to our end users.  So far, I've only had internal employees use our Articulate Online to test things out.  I'm a little confused at the best way to do this.  Here is what I'm looking to do:

Ideally I just want to send an email to all our users (which will be way more people than will actually take the course) with a link to the course.  When they access the link, I'd prefer for it to ask them to create an account since I know they do not have one yet, but that is not an option, correct?

None of my end users are in our database of "people" yet, however it is an end goal to have them all set up as users since we want to track their activity.  You cannot track activity of a guest, correct?  If someone logs in as a guest and then creates an account later, does it link the two?

I have a list of emails of our end users, however not all of them will need/want accounts, so I don't think I can easily use the Bulk Import, although if it's a must I can spend the time to narrow down our email list.  I suppose since the Bulk Import doesn't notify them of their account, I could use this feature and then update their account later???  But if I do that and someone takes the course (from the link), they will still be considered a guest, right?

At the moment, the only solution I can think of is to send a link to all users (course is set up for Guestbook info).  Then once the person takes the course, I will create their login information for them.  This is so very manual though so I'm looking for another way.  Any suggestions are welcome!!!


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Steve VE


Create an account - Correct, you cannot have them do this.

Tracking guest activity - Correct, you cannot accurately track this since a guest with a link could be any number of people.

Linking guest visits and an account created later - You cannot do this since the system has no way of identifying guests.

Your solution of creating the user after they take the course will not work because they will have taken the course as a guest and no tracking will take place.

If you want to track users when they take the course your only option is to add them before they access it. If you add the email addresses in bulk (separated by a comma) the users accounts will be created and they will receive an email with their username and password. Once they login they will see a link to the course. The drawback is that you'll have to enter their personal details (e.g. first and last name) manually.

Hope this helps.