Launching a pdf via button click NOT WORKING

Hi there, 

I've followed the instructions (as per on how to link to a PDF with a trigger and its not working when i've published the course for LMS. 

The PDF files are being copied into the external files folder, but the button doesn't open the PDF once published. I've tested in IE and Chrome and can confirm its not a browser issue. 

I've attached the .STORY file as well as the  published SCORM ZIP. Any reason as to why this would not be opening a PDF as should be expected? 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Matthew

If you are working on a network drive this can sometimes happen.  You should work on a local drive and have all the resources you need on that local drive as well.

I have opened your .story file locally and on slide 1.2 added a shape and linked to one of the PDF's that I got from the External Files folder and loaded onto my desktop.

I published it locally and I can access the PDF from that location.

Uploading it here so you can see what I mean.