Launching a SL360 course from Sharepoint 360 no longer working

Previously when working with SL2 and a previous version of SP I was able to update the SWF file to ASPX and then use that file for users to launch the course directly from SP.  Now we have upgraded to SL360 and SP online communication site and this is no longer working.  I have published to web with HTML5, I have moved all my files over to a SP site assets folder and I have updated all story.html files to aspx but SP just downloads the file, or opens another blank tab on Chrome.  

We need to host our SL courses on our SP communication site as this is our knowledge portal with all our training materials.  Can someone help me out with this?  

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Jane!

We've heard of a similar issue with changing files in SharePoint! 

We recommend publishing an updated file to SharePoint rather than copying. I understand this might become tedious but it should eliminate problems with blank content in SharePoint.

Have you tried uploading a new version of the file from Storyline 360 to SharePoint?