Launching directly into the Storyline 2 course from the LMS. Do not hit a Launch button; do not collect $200.

I'm working on a client's Dokeos LMS and have noticed that my Storyline 2 module, when launched from the LMS, shows a large white screen with an orange 'Launch' button which must be clicked in order to launch the course.  I'm thinking that there must a setting that allows the learner to launch directly into the Storyline course without requiring the user to click a Launch button. Is there a quick and easy solution?

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Curt Zilbersher

Hi Ashley,
That was exactly the control I was looking for. Thank you! Would you
happen to know if there's also an internal setting that allows me to
avoid seeing a blank 'You May Close This Page' window when my course
concludes? I have a trigger on the last slide that exits the course,
but rather than returning me to my LMS course window, it displays a
blank page with a button to close the course window.