Launching HTML5 from a zipped file - does SCORM matter?

I should know this, but I don't and would love some clarification if anyone can assist.

If I publish a course to SCORM (my lms specifications are 2004, 3rd ed) and included Publishing for HTML5, will this help those folks that do not have Flash on thier computers?

Typically I publish to SCORM, zip the file, load it in the LMS...and that's that.

For these particular folks (if this even helped the problem) would I still need to point to the html5 file specifically and launch it?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tracy,

If you include HTML5 as a publishing option, it'll work the same way in SCORM as in Web - that if someone is accessing it on a device that does not have flash they'll see the HTML5 output. The index.html file (vs. the story.html) file is the one that'll determine which to show in the SCORM output. This is described a bit further here.