Launching new lesson in the same browser tab

Hi. I built a course consisting of a number of lessons. Each lesson is contained in its own file, so when the learner reaches the last slide of the previous lesson, the new lesson is launched in a new browser tab. Some reviewers found this confusing and asked whether it was possible to launch the new lesson within the same tab as the previous lesson (i.e. replacing the earlier lesson within a tab). Does anyone have a workaround for that? Thanks!

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Finn Maigaard

Hi Dennis. I am testing the lessons within SCORM Cloud at the moment, but I believe the issue would be the same regardless of where I launched them. I'v structured the course so the last "next" button opens the next lesson from a separate folder--this by default opens up the next lesson in a new browser tab. Make sense? 

Finn Maigaard

Hi Phil. I'm not sure I quite understand. Are you saying that I don't publish for LMS, as I've been doing, but instead publish for the web and then make webfiles SCORM compliant with SSP? Will that then allow me to not have the following lesson launch in its own browser tab? I guess I'm not sure I follow because, say I just published for the web a ran the course locally from my computer, lessons would still launch in their own browser tabs, right?